Workshops and Training

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California HOSA members playing a Learning Game.

The Workshop Objectives

  • Discuss the capacity and challenges of the student learner.
  • Evaluate the efficacy and potential for incorporating Learning Games in instruction.
  • Experience (play) Learning Games.

Steve at our exhibit table during the National Council of Social Studies annual convention.


Research shows that students who are thinking, reflecting, interacting and moving are doing the most learning.  Classroom strategies that engage and involve students have a positive impact on student attitude as well as how much they actually remember.  The Learning Games approach encourages the application of course content in a safe and motivating learning environment.  Our books are full of realistic, practical ideas that teachers can use in their classrooms to make a positive difference in student achievement.

Target Audience

  • EDUCATORS: Workshops can be modified to meet the needs of middle school, high school, and college-level instructors.
  • STUDENTS: We can provide leadership training for student groups.



Florida HOSA advisors presenting a report to a panel of their peers.

Workshop Fees

Customized Presentation*

  • 1-3 hours      $1200
  • 3.5 hours or longer    $1800
  • Presentation fees reduced by 50% with pre-purchase of 50 or more books at $29 each plus shipping.
  • Presentation fees waived with pre-purchase of 100 or more books at $29 each plus shipping.

Workshop participants play “Muscle Hustle.”

*Plus travel and hotel expenses, even when presentation fees are waived.