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Products and training for educators at the middle, high school and college levels, and in the workplace.

Why “Learning Games”?

Learning games give students a chance to learn in a high energy, engaging environment. They are interactive and provide cooperative learning experiences.

Learning Games: Instructional Resources for Teachers

Books for teachers with a variety of games and specific subject/content examples.

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Workshops and Training

Hands-on and engaging workshops customized to meet the learning needs of educators.

The Educational Value of Games

Students learn best when they are active participants in the learning process - not falling asleep at their desk or mindlessly writing down every word the teacher or professor says. The truth is, we all learn best when we are engaged in an authentic learning environment that requires us to think, apply and evaluate what we are learning.

What do games have to do with effective instruction? When designed to elicit desired learning outcomes, play can be a very effective instructional strategy.

In this Ted Talk, Ian Livingstone makes the case that games are a natural way to learn and an educational tool that deserves our attention.